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Bangkok Coffin Donation – Poh Teck Tung Foundation

After i learnt of Poh Teck Tung foundation, we had been going there to make donations. They are a charity organisation that volunteers in medical services, ie. accidents & natural disasters, helping the poor and needy, also, arrange the after life care for the poor.

More on what they do can be found here -> 

Mediacorp has also filmed on unexpected access on the work they do. you can watch it on toggle! ->

We walked from Hua Lam Phong MRT station, Yaowarat (Chinatown) exit.




Along the way we saw Chinese, Thai and they are so friendly! From our look they can guessed we are going to Yaowarat, they pointed us in the right direction. 🙂





Arrived! it looks like an office building.




The pricing for various donations, receipt will be issued.

Poh Teck Tung Foundation
326 Chao Kam Rop Road., Pomprabsatrupai Bangkok 10100
Tel: 0-2225-0020, 0-2225-3211, 0-2623-0545-52 Fax: 0-2226-2567

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Taipei Roaders Hotel

When in Taipei, we always booked back City Inn Hotel, this time round we are too slow and thus, they are already fully booked when we confirmed our flight.

So, the search begins for a hotel in Xi Men Ding. We loveeeeeeeeeeeee staying there. Abundance of food and entertainment. Plus there is also a metro station in Xi Men Ding.

Our requirements are most importantly:

  • 3 pax room
  • Hotel is accessible from ground floor and not those that you need to take a lift up to maybe the 6th floor or something whereby the hotel is actually sharing the building with someone (most of the time its a shared space with a KTV joint and we doesnt really like such environment especially with a child)
  • Under SGD 200 (Est NT 6000)
  • Walking distance to the metro station

And…. I found Roaders Hotel !!!

pic credit to Roaders Hotel FB

They are like a hipster boutique hotel! Around 8 mins walk from the Xi Men Station exit 5.

Screenshot of map from Roaders Hotel website

They do have several triple rooms, like superior triple (~NT3700), deluxe triple(~NT4000) and VIP triple(~NT4030)!!

When we saw the photos online of the VIP triple room we literally went woahhhhhhhhh. and so, we confirmed!

Pic credit to Roaders hotel
Pic credit to Roaders hotel
Pic credit to Roaders hotel

Upon arrival, we checked in at their basement lobby, the staff accompanied us up! Photos later for the lobby, its so awesome!!!!


The actual room is true to the pictures we view on their website! Hotel is very new hence everything is still very nice and clean.



Ok what really really stands out from their lobby compared to others is that is 24/7, free drinks (except alcohol) for guests, free snacks and even cup noodles! Plus…… they screen movies daily and also has a dart machine! You can just chill there for as long as you want. For us when we go travelling, we love to dapow (take away) finger food back to the hotel to eat as supper, with this place, we just head down to the lobby instead and chill with their complimentary soft drinks!

the bf checking out their beer


complimentary snacks!
complimentary cup noodles
more free snacks!
complimentary soft drinks bar

Roaders Hotel
No.68, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipet City 100, Taiwan

Book with them here :