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Bangkok Coffin Donation – Poh Teck Tung Foundation

After i learnt of Poh Teck Tung foundation, we had been going there to make donations. They are a charity organisation that volunteers in medical services, ie. accidents & natural disasters, helping the poor and needy, also, arrange the after life care for the poor.

More on what they do can be found here -> 

Mediacorp has also filmed on unexpected access on the work they do. you can watch it on toggle! ->

We walked from Hua Lam Phong MRT station, Yaowarat (Chinatown) exit.




Along the way we saw Chinese, Thai and they are so friendly! From our look they can guessed we are going to Yaowarat, they pointed us in the right direction. 🙂





Arrived! it looks like an office building.




The pricing for various donations, receipt will be issued.

Poh Teck Tung Foundation
326 Chao Kam Rop Road., Pomprabsatrupai Bangkok 10100
Tel: 0-2225-0020, 0-2225-3211, 0-2623-0545-52 Fax: 0-2226-2567

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Kaohsiung Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum 佛陀紀念館

Last November, we visited Kaohsiung & Taipei! Came to Fo Guang Shan on our 2nd day via public transport. Took the bus from Zuo Ying station.



Fo Guang Shan consists of the museum and the temple. They are around 15-20mins from each other, its walkable or you can wait here for the shuttle bus. 


From the main entrance, is the way to the museum. The temple is on the hill on your left.

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The main entrance leads to the reception, restaurants and souvenir shops. Its like a vegetarian haven!


After exiting, you will come to this walkway towards the big Buddha.

Along the way there are pagodas and illustration on Buddhism.

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Within the big Buddha, are several exhibition halls.

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Museum of Buddhist Underground Palace

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Museums of Buddhist festivals


佛光山佛陀紀念館 Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum