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Our wedding

It’s almost 2 months since we held our solemnisation at Sofitel Sentosa! Been wanting to post a review but…..



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Common Buddhist Cult in Singapore

Hi all! Since dayre is closing soon, this topic is actually my most popular post. i will need to copy this over from there. Friends been telling me that this post is being shared in their circle. Im just glad that i can help in some way. At least be more alert and not be susceptible to false content/false people. Amtf _/|\_

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#Buddhist cult / unorthodox groups in Singapore
There are plenty of such groups but the most common ones are
– Lu Jun Hong aka 卢台长
– Jin puti
– Supreme Master Ching Hai
– Lu Sheng Yan
– Kadhampa


Lu Jun Hong / 卢台长
Not a monk
Preaches about Guan Yin Pusa and claims to be able to communicate with Guan Yin and able to see everywhere, anywhere.
Everywhere ie. Heaven, hell, your past and your past life.
Teaches improper method like writing and burning of 小房子 (little house) –
It’s something like writing down sutra / mantra x no. Of times and burn it to relieve ur karma

At the moment his being banned by a few organisations

a facebook post by Singapore Buddhist Federation (



Jin puti / jin bodhi (金菩提)
A practitioner whom wears a robe like outfit
Sometimes in polo tee
Which kind of differs from a usual monk



Ordained monks do not don on various outfit and definitely not in layman attire.

you may notice this foc magazines being distributed by them everywhere
Jin bodhi biography quoted from
Jin bodhi biography quoted from

Referring to the Surangama Sutra, #Buddha has mentioned that one is not suppose to reveal info of supernatural basis.
Bcos during the dharma ending age, there will be numerous person who speak the false dharma.

There will be Bodhisattva around us aiding but they will not reveal their truth self
Instead they will guide us to Buddha hood/ nirvana. And also, mentioning that thru meditation he visited the Buddha pureland.
An orthodox monk will never mention or reveal such details.

Since im updating my post, i clicked on the above links ( to do a double check, i realised that his bio & the site is gone! As for these other remaining sites ( &, they did not mention of his special encounter with the “golden buddha”.


After my [pari]nirvana, I command all Bodhisattvas and Arhats, to manifest bodies to be born within that Dharma-Ending [Age], to become various forms, to deliver all from rebirth. Perhaps becoming Sramanas, white-robed laypersons, kings, officials, young males, young females, as such, and even “licentious” women, widows, “outlaws”, “thieves”, “butchers”, “peddlers” [“traffickers”, who do not truly break precepts], with them working together, praising the Buddha vehicle [to Buddhahood], to enable their bodies and minds to enter samadhi.

终不自言: “我真菩萨、真阿罗汉,” 泄佛密因,轻言未学。唯除命终,阴有遗付。云何是人,惑乱众生,成大妄语?

To the end, [they do] not say, “I am a true Bodhisattva, [or] a true Arhat,” which is to divulge the Buddha’s secret cause, to carelessly say so to those yet to learn [the Dharma]. Only except when approaching the end of life, secretly as last words, [can they be said]. Why would these persons, confuse and disturb sentient beings, by accomplishing great false speech?

as excerpted from


Supreme Master Ching Hai
A spiritual leader who has invented her own set of practice and heavily promotes vegan diet
Chain of loving huts vegan cafe worldwide
Very infamous especially in the west (

I applauded her efforts in veganism but if coupled with the unorthodox prayers, buying of her merchandise and etc..
It just sounded not right. Many controversy surrounding the supreme master
Especially when her methods seems to be a mixture of buddhism, taoism and Christianity?



Master Lu Sheng Yan / 蓮生活佛盧勝彥

  • Under the sect 真佛宗
  • Many controversies around him and promotes wrong teaching
  • He also alternate his dressing between monk robes and layman clothing

SHC, also married with children, became a Lu follower in 1991 and first received Lu’s “blessings” at the Redmond temple in 1996. She lived in the women’s dorm during eight trips she made to the temple between 1997 and 1999. Next door was Lu’s office and living quarters with a bedroom.

When Lu hugged her during one meeting, SHC says, she could feel he had an erection. It was then he allegedly mentioned the body blessing as a potential cure.

Lu had SHC perform oral sex on him and a week later had sexual intercourse with her, insisting he was saving her life, SHC claims. She had sex with him at least six more times in 1997, she says, and numerous times in 1999.

Lu’s “cure” was having the opposite effect, however, she claims. Hearing Lu repeatedly speak of her possible death, SHC believed she was indeed going to die and began acting irrationally and taking out life insurance policies.

excerpts from a lawsuit involving him and sexual conduct with devotee (

quoted from mentioning of himself as a living buddha and had gain enlightenment.

They also have a charity volunteer organisation in Singapore. Please be careful.



Kadhampa / Kadampa

To be honest, I’m not very familiar with Tibet Buddhism.
I just felt suspicious when I first noticed these poster hence I started researching.
There are two points that stood out to me

  1. The Buddhist relics exhibition saga
  2. Worshipping of Dorje Shugden (Tibet Spirit)


It was recorded that there were only 4 relics left of the Buddha hence why are there always so many relics exhibition around? Dalai Lama’s office disapproves Singapore Expo on “Buddhist Relics”






Following long and careful investigations, His Holiness the Dalai Lama strongly discourages Tibetan Buddhists from propitiating the fierce spirit known as Dolgyal (Shugden).

The danger of Tibetan Buddhism degenerating into a form of spirit worship: Tibetan Buddhism originally evolved from the authentic and ancient tradition upheld at the great Indian monastic university of Nalanda, a tradition that His Holiness often describes as a complete form of Buddhism. It embodies the original teaching of the Buddha as developed through the rich philosophical, psychological and spiritual insights of such great Buddhist masters as Nagarjuna, Asanga, Vasubandhu, Dignaga and Dharamakirti. Since the great philosopher and logician Shantarakshita was instrumental in establishing Buddhism in Tibet in its earliest stages in the 8th century, philosophical enquiry and critical analysis have always been important hallmarks of Tibetan Buddhism. The problem with Dolgyal practice is that it presents the spirit Dolgyal (Shugden) as a Dharma protector and what’s more tends to promote the spirit as more important than the Buddha himself. If this trend goes unchecked, and innocent people become seduced by cult-like practices of this kind, the danger is that the rich tradition of Tibetan Buddhism may degenerate into the mere propitiation of spirits.

In the United States, the ISC is registered as a charity in California. Since 2014, its spokespeople have said they are responsible for organizing the protests but denied any link with Beijing or the Chinese Communist Party.

The protesters are members of a sect that worships Dorje Shugden, a deity in Tibetan Buddhism. The Dalai Lama discourages this worship, warning his followers that the deity is a harmful spirit.

Dorje Shugden devotees accuse the 80-year-old Nobel Laureate of persecuting them and dividing Tibetan Buddhism.

“I myself also worshipped that,” the Dalai Lama said, referring to the deity. “Out of ignorance.”

But he came to the realisation that the deity was “very negative, very harmful”, he said.

The basis of Buddhism

The Triple Gem
1. The Buddha — The self awakened one. The original nature of the Heart;
2. The Dhamma — The Teaching. The nature of reality;
3. The Sangha — a. The Awakened Community. b. Any harmonious assembly. c. All Beings.

The Eight Fold-Path
Right, Integral, Complete, Perfected.
1. Right View, Understanding;
2. Right Attitude, Thought or Emotion;
3. Right Speech;
4. Right Action;
5. Right livelihood;
6. Right Effort, Energy, and Vitality;
7. Right Mindfulness or Awareness;
8. Right Samadhi “concentration”, one-pointedness. Integration of, or establishment in, various levels of consciousness.

The Five Precepts
I undertake to:
1. Abstain from killing living beings;
2. Abstain from taking that which not given;
3. Abstain from sexual misconduct;
4. Abstain from false speech;
5. Abstain from distilled substances that confuse the mind. (Alcohol and Drugs)

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To learn about Buddhism, you can attend buddhist class from proper channels eg. Singapore Buddhist Federations ( or Kong Meng San (