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Vegan Melon Pepper Soup 

Comfort food!

Simple soupy meal to heal all souls. And it’s #meatfree !!

You will need…

♡ Thick bee hoon / Vermicelli  (doesn’t soak up the soup but very adaptable to flavours)

♡ Pepper spices soup bag

♡ Mushroom soup base

♡ Onions, ginger

♡ Squash or yam

♡ Mushrooms

♡ Any other veggie

The white pepper spices. Something like that. Just look out for no meat sources under the ingredients list. (Image credits to ILC trading)

The vegan mushroom seasoning. (Image credits to Lao ban Jiang)

Boil a pot of water. Approx 2 litres. Serve 3-4 pax.

Throw in the soup bases + gingers / onions

Add in the rest of the veggies

Once the tough veggies like squash / yam / carrots have soften.. add in the thick bee hoon. The soup might get kinda milky at this stage. That’s what it’s all about ! Milky soup base without actual milk!

And now it’s ready to serve. Chop some chilli padi and eat with it~


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