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Bintan Lagoi Bay


We had a little getaway courtesy of our Company’s incentive to Bintan over a weekend in March. Stayed 3 days 2 nights over to chill and relax.

Our hotel – Swiss Bel @ Lagoi Bay. Next to Plaza Lagoi Mall & a 10-15 mins bus ride from the ferry terminal.


The hotel is large, clean and quiet. Very warm welcome and service received!


We got a room individually!~ Flatscreen TV, free wifi, comfy double bed and a shower but no bathtub. There is also a balcony too.


The View. Honest opinion, this location is still fairly new in Bintan, the more happening family activities will be over Bintan Lagoon area. Over here is more suitable for a couple rendezvous.


Heres the other view from my balcony. Lagoi Bay beach is just behind.


The front of the hotel. Let me imagine for awhile im a famous celebrity from Hollywood and im having my secret gateway with my lover in a hideout. 😉


To the beach!



Theres no one around on a Friday evening, so do what you want! No commercialise beach activity there also, so we started picking seashells 😛

It gets more crowded on a Saturday cause there will be a Bazaar happening at Plaza Lagoi, which is right beside the beach.


Flyboyz bar is located at the beach also, go there for booze & food.

They open from 11am-2am.


We headed over after our company dinner. 10pm and its extremely dark outside. Plaza lagoi closes at 9pm on Friday. Go with a group of people cos its really too dark and unsafe. We reached flyboyz but the live band wasnt operating. Most food were not available too so we had drinks.


and played scramble!


The following day activity, we rented bicycle from Swiss Bel and cycle round the area!


During our cycling round Lagoi Bay, we passed by this flying club and talked to the guys over there, you get to fly with a professional, how cool!



Yes again, theres no one, except for people who live / work there, occasional stray dogs. So i did enjoy my time away from the paparazzi you know 😉


Oh yes, laze your evening away at the rooftop pool + bar!

Grand Lagoi, Jl. Gurindam Duabelas, Plot 27 & 29, Lagoi Bay, Bintan , Indonesia

+62 770 692988


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