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Gudetama @ National Taiwan Science Center


We were so so so lucky because during our December Taiwan trip, it coincided with the Gudetama exhibition that was happening at the Taiwan Science Center!

Located at Shilin area, we walked over from Shilin MRT. Its around 15 mins walk, along the way there are several eateries & shops to browse. When we were making our way back, we took a bus from the bus stop opposite the Science Center. Just in front of a school.

Quite a no. of buses go to the MRT station, there will be signs on the bus stating the station name or the drivers will just shout out the station name whenever they stop at the bus stop! They are so nice like that!


I did up a map with Google’s help.


This was at the intersection. The sign will show National Science Center. Just turn right.


And here we are!


The price of the exhibit cost NT 280 for adult & NT 250 for students.


Opening hours : 9-6pm, last entry 5pm. (weekends)

9-5pm, last entry 4pm. (weekdays)

close on Mondays.

Opened on all days of winter and summer vacation except public holidays and special holidays


Queuing again to go in!


ALOT OF CROWD LAH!!!! There are people that get into arguments also. Cut queues… pushing blah blah blah..



Hahas.. but its really fun to visit luh… a lot of cutesy and hilarious decor to take pictures with.






at the end of it you can still collect this coin monument!

There are always different exhibits going on at the National Science Center so you can check out their facebook for latest news!

Right now they are having this NASA exhibit so you can check them out too~




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