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Cingjing 2D1N

We arrived Taoyuan Airport on 23rd December 2016, i remember it should be around 5am+? Took freego bus from T1 which will bring us straight to our Minsu in Cingjing!

oh yes, we didnt waste time in waiting for the data card because this time round we rented the wifi router from Changi Airport!



the bus was pretty empty, we bring our luggages and the journey to gan cheng station for the bus transfer was around 1.5 hours to 2 hours. depending on traffic.

the bus will drop us straight in front of gan cheng station (干城), from there we buy tics to Cingjing.


it was another 2 hours ride up the mountain to our minsu

we booked sunnydale minsu since it seems pretty popular among singaporeans and its also near the eateries like mos burger, starbucks.


arrived! we reached around lunchtime, the minsu owner was very nice to help us settle down, and after that he offered to drive us to carton king for our lunch! thereafter he said he will come pick us up at 2pm and will send us to qingqing grassland (青青草原)

heres the view of our room, we booked 采风儿




a very nice balcony which we stargazed at night


view from our room


our lunch at carton king (纸箱王)

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we received free tics to swiss garden!! so we still had 30 mins before the minsu owner come and pick us up, so we went in to roam around

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its actually just 1 long road up to green green grassland so minsu owner taught us how to get down after we have ended our sheep visit. took us around 45 mins to walk back down.


the chop allows for re-entry. we had to pay a fee to enter green green grassland



it was a weekday, there wasnt any sheep shearing shows but we are cool with it, just here to enjoy the view




the weather was extremely cooling during december, its really a breeze to walk

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i guess this will be our one and only time visiting green green grassland, i just felt abit uneasy, especially after seeing their food stall selling mutton sticks, wool products, sheep produce and the sheeps were actually afraid of this metal tongs when the worker merely clicked on them to scare them off. it means something else isnt it?

after coming down from green green grassland, we completed the 499 steps and came across this pretty sakura looking tree? i reckon its isnt really sakura isnt it? since december its not the season




ahhh so we rested early over at our minsu since theres nothing much to do at night. watched kang xi and star gazed for awhile, took some nice pictures, i think that is the Orion constellation and we call it a night.

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i had prebooked ok bus before hand to bring us back to taipei main station, cost NT780 per pax. cost was cheaper and straight forward as compared to taking the NT bus to taichung HSR and then to Taipei but, the bus journey time was indeed longer especially when there is the peak hour jam. the ok bus picked us up from the minsu 見晴山莊 which is just beside our minsu so it was really convenient.



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