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Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sungei Buloh Wetland ;

Where you can spot various species of birds during migrating period, our very own crocodile, monitor lizards and otters! Its a rare sight for us Singaporeans – City dwellers that even get excited at the sight of a bat. (roll eyes.. i know. haha)

Transportation is not exactly convenient, unless if you drive, or if you are coming from the west.

For common folks like us, we train to Kranji Mrt station and wait for the Kranji Express or Bus 925 at the bus stop just right infront of the station. I would highly recommend waiting for Kranji express instead of 925 if you are going on Mon-Sat as 925 does not turn inside Sungei Buloh old entrance where all the fun is. 925 stops opposite the new entrance of Sungei Buloh and it would take around 30 mins walk to the old Sungei Buloh where the mangrove are. Whereas Kranji express stops right at the entrance of the old Sungei Buloh.

over at the new wing, its really quiet as theres not much crowd. Ideal for our me-time you know. To get away from all those city noises and backstabbing.


this would be the only friend you will meet there.

we actually walked from the old wing to the new wing.. it was cray cray.

yes we make the mistake of taking 925 on a saturday!! T__T



It might be the haze or the rain, but we didnt get to spot any animals, we took Kranji express back once it started pouring heavily.



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