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Christmas @ Orchard

In Singapore, the best place to soak up the Christmas atmosphere would be Orchard Road. By end November, the Christmas decors up at Orchard Road will be aplenty. Malls will be competing for best Christmas design. And SALE SALE SALE!

We love walking from 313 Somerset, all the way to Far East Plaza. You get to hit your 10,000 steps and smell the breathe of Christmas.

Underground walkway spams from Wheelock > Ion > Wisma > Takashimaya, another end links to Shaw House, Tangs

Its seems kind of a tradition that Taka would hold this Christmas Toy Fair at the basement, outside the food hall. This year without fail, it has started! Get all your kids christmas gift there!

Just slight further on the left of Wheelock Place is Forum Shopping Mall, there is whole level of Toys R Us there and also Jamie’s Italian restaurant!

Along the whole stretch of the street of Orchard Road, theres a whole lot of sight to be taken in!


This year Christmas we will be at Taipei! Woo Hoo! Can’t Wait!



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