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Oh hi!!
Since my post in August, I have totally cut off fish from my diet!
I’m now a full time vegetarian and I’m slowly moving my way to be a vegan. ☺
Life is simple and good ☺
There are times That vegetarian food choices are literally hard to find, there are days I would be just eating bread, fruits or blanched veggie with white rice.
Allz good all good eh.

Here’s some simple homecook dish that I will whip up when I’m at home. Just being simply lazy and nothing fanciful.


Trying up to finish that packet of mung beans vermicelli aka tang Hoon aka Thailand glass noodles.
Soak them in hot water to soften it, stir fry veggie in shoyu first and lastly add in the glass noodles to soak in the flavours. Add a dash sesame oil.


So, the last bits of glass noodles used, was as a main dish instead.
That’s spicy petai at the side!


This is even easier, just boiled Mee sua and drizzled sesame oil and shoyu over.
Topped with mushroom floss.


And the famous one pot rice!!
BeSt recipe for lazy people.
You can spot wakame, corns, veggie, carrot and tomato !

These are all very Chinese staples so typical of an Asian.

I tried to add in a variety of veggies in my diet thou. And unlike what others said about vegans , I don’t fall sick often!

How about ya? What’s your simple homecook dish like? ☺

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