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Just a quick update, its around a year to converting to be a vegetarian and so far so good!!!

I’m glad I have cut off all meat, now I’m usually 90% vegetarian, the other 10% will be munching on fish.
Due to limited choices while eating out, fish on the menu would be my last resort. Most places are still not very vegetarian friendly yet, and its not easy to find fully vegetarian stall near my workplace or home.

I started removing beef, it was the first meat that I cut off, on top on this, I’m not an exotic meat lover, so those are out. Including ducks.. goose.. turkey…
Next will be prawns, crabs, clams etc. Not my type too.

Followed by pork. I was once preparing to roast some pork belly when I saw the nipples of the pork, the butcher had given me the nipples portion.
I was like.. oh my god.. they are too alike to us aren’t they. So I stopped eating pork.

Lastly, I’m left with chicken and fish.
It was kinda hard to cut chicken initially, oh man. I used to be a chicken wings lover.
So I watched PETA videos, and videos on cage free chickens. Which are actually not very humanely treated after all.
So I stopped chicken and eggs, probably some weeks back.

I’m also trying to replace soy milk with cow milk, its easier at home and at places like Starbucks.
In Singapore’s coffee shop, ie. Kopitiam, their coffee and tea are made with the standard condensed milk or evaporated milk. So its kinda tough. Coffee is what keeps me awake n going haha. I will try 🙂

The reason for me going vegetarian and finally vegan, was the empathy and compassion for all sentient beings, all living things. Animals shouldn’t live a life in fear, dirt, cruelty and torture.
Nobody wants to be born, forced to kept alive, in order to be sent to the slaughterhouse within a year.
Or worst, born to be pregnant day in day out, laying eggs all the time, expressing milk all the time.

One meat less from me, one step closer to saving lives.

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