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Vegan Rice Burger



Made this rice burger some time back… and wow! I can enjoy my own fast food at home. 😀


Cook 1 cup of Japanese rice, add in some mirin, around 1 tablespoon, some veggie n sea salt.

After rice is cooked, leave it to cool down, mix in 1 tablespoon of corn starch and sesame oil. Flatten it n mix well.

Cling wrap each indv rice bun n leave it on the table for 20 mins.


Unwrap them and pan fried with some olive oil / sesame oil till a nice looking golden brown


Lay it on baking paper.


I plated my burger with Portobello mushrooms that were pan fried with black pepper corn n sea salt. Hence they look kind of black. Haha.
I love portobello mushrooms cos they are really juicy?!?!

Add on some air fried fries as my side and that pc that looks like drumstick is actually fried king oyster mushroom coated in seasoning flour! ♡♡♡♡♡

Updates with more pictures! 

This is another variation with plain rice, topped with veggie ffurikake

I still love to use portobello as my patty. it’s healthier and taste very meaty! 

Sandwiched with some baby spinach in the burger. with air fried potatoes as side. 

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