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#Vegetarian Natto Mushrooms Pasta

Starting from last year, after reading several animal cruelty posts, and following peta on facebook, listening to Hai Tao Fashi talks.. i decided to slowly convert myself to be a vegetarian. Therefore for a start, every month there will be 10 days of vegetarian diet.

so sharing some dishes that i will make over here!

Natto Mushrooms Pasta 

Here are some of the many health benefits of natto:

Natto is especially rich in vitamin K2, which could reduce bone loss in post-menopausal women by as much as 80 per cent

Fermented soybeans such as natto contain Vitamin PQQ, which is very important for the skin.

Vitamin K is repeatedly shown to reduce blood clots by slowing arterial calcification, enhance liver function and encourage the flow of urine.

Vitamin K2 has a better bioavailability that K1. Studies show that this molecule remains in the body for a longer period and is more effective at lower doses, hence is much more bio-effective.

Additionally, natto suppresses immune reactions.

information from:

See more at:

Serves two.

* A handful of garlics

* A handful of shiitake mushrooms

* A box of Natto to share among 2 pax

* A teaspoon of preserved black beans (optional)

* Seasoning : sea salt, basil, black pepper and oregano

Heat up some olive oil, throw in the garlic and fry till you can smell the fragrance.

add in the mushrooms and sautee them.

den season w black pepper and basil.

add in natto and preserved black beans.

add in the spaghetti. . some sea salt.. basil & oregano.

i like to use the tongs n toss them around.

served and done!


One thought on “#Vegetarian Natto Mushrooms Pasta

  1. Hi….I would like to really add this Veggie Natto Mushroom pasta in my families routine diet……As we are pure vegetarian and we are new to this item its not possible for us to cook at home…I stay in Bangkok…….Can you please suggest me where can i go and have it ready to eat …..If my family likes the taste i am ready to eat it at least 2 – 3 times a week.Thanks a lot.

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