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Taipei Lin Jiang Night Market

After we had been to shilin night market, raohe night market, shida night market, we decided to try somewhere new and headed to Lin Jiang Night Market! Some people call it the Tong Hua Night Market as its situated at the cross junction of lin jiang street and tong hua street.


We took the brown line from Zhong Xiao Fu Xing to Liu Zhang li station since we were there at sogo area.

It took us 15 mins to reach the night market from the mrt station, i suggest strongly to use the GPS as it’s situated at the neighbourhood area and you dont see any tourist around.


Liked this night market as its small, cosy and quiet. You only see the locals around, not much tourist and no squeezing shoulder to shoulder.





Boyf found his favourite gao!




The whole night market took us probably less than 1 hour to walk finish. But out to the main street, there are still several shops at the shophouses area to roam around.


臺北市 大安區 臨江街(通化街至基隆路)


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