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Jaychou Deja Vu Restaurant

****Deja Vu has ceased operations*** 

Info from their Facebook below. 

感謝各位朋友們對Déjà vu 音樂餐廳這幾年來的支持,我們在華山園區跟大家一起度過了5個年頭,這過去幾年,經營團隊一直思考如何能夠提供給各位朋友更真實的食物,跟美味的料理。在幾經討論之後,我們忍痛的做出了一個決定,將要於3/20 離開華山園區搬遷至羅斯福路溫州公園旁後,將於4/1開幕繼續努力的為大家服務。 


jie lun jie lun jie lun !!!

omg so excited cos when we were in taiwan, we went to jay’s restaurant dejavu inside zhong shan park!!

pretty near the entrance of Zhong Shan Park. restaurant was not really full. booked seats for 3 pax at 7pm on a weekday

there’s this really pretty cellist playing on the stage before the magic show begins.

her tunes were really lovely! actually i thought that the magic show will be performed on stage… but it was actually done table to table.

Jay’s bike in the entrance!! so cool :3 this was the 1 that he used when he acted in the movie with lin chi ling.

and…… we were just seated infront of jay’s batman car!!!! so hyped!! plus there wasn’t many people during that time we kept taking photos of it! the car is so man that omg you so instant organism haha

complimentary bread

caeser salad

and a pizza that came late. very very late. we waited for around 45 mins or so.

all these for around NT3000 i think! it was a set promo 🙂


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