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Hanoi. Ha Long Bay

This was a nice sponsored trip by the company and with the colleagues, with many of them i dont even really met before.

We need to take the coach, around 3-4 hours to the port and transfer to a small boat to our cruise. Prior to that, the tour will first drop us at ABC stopover for wifi and toilet break haha. Weeeee FREE WIFI!!

These girls are actually weaving paintings and its actually really pretty!

Joyce actually bought this! USD23

Scenery we saw on the way to the habour

The habour was so full so full of tourist..

There! my colleagues and the small boat to send us to our cruise

Check out our room for the night!

and they always say my dslr was for me to camwhore.

look at that fat piece of arm. this was way before i started on my lchf journey.

serving us lunch on board

Seafood soup

Prawn with mango salad

Prawns to be shared among 4 of us

Calms. and dear joyce peeled prawn for me!

And at last, the main course.

Life jacket on again and we are going to explore!

Handsome ang moh. Hahahahaha

ang moh is a slang for Caucasians. lol

Seriously, its too misty and foggy to have any good pictures. I reckon a good time would be summer.

I asked the tour guide if we would get to see any sunset, he said nope 😦 Too foggy.

A good time to catch the sunset would be june. Bright sunny, nice blue sky. When u have blue sky, you get nice blue water too.

And the villagers. We saw plentiful of litters around this area. empty coke bottles.. plastic bag.. theres no point being one of the 8th wonder of the world but nothing was done to conserve.

Interior on board

hahas and my goofy colleagues. we were real bored. nothing to do on board

and Its nearing to sunset already

Till day 2 on board!


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