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Hanoi. Ha Long Bay II

Read Part I here.

Day 2 in Ha Long Bay, we took the small boat to the surprise cave.

It was really really very cooldddd. Even the guys complained. That was in March!

We woke up around 8am to get ready to head over there. Time spend in the cave was probably around 1 hour or lesser, headed back to our cruise and prepared to go back to Hanoi city already.

In the surprise cave, it was just rocks, rocks, more rocks, and colored lightings haha. You can view the amazing nature formation and what it has endured over the years.

By the way, the photos were taken with EF 50mm and it really works pretty well in low light conditions! All these were taken without flash. I hate flash.

The number of tourists vising were.. high. It makes exploring abit over rated as you dont see this as an wonderful nature wonders anymore, it was presented to you like a money making machine.

and this. Hahas. They were all making fun of it.

And.. the jetty, going back to the cruise now. And its still so foggy. Not really advisable to go in March. You need blue sky for pretty pictures 🙂



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