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Beijing. Tian An Men, Forbidden City, Bird Nest Stadium

Went to Beijing in October as a company recreation event.

yay! holiday!

our flight is 1am so we reached like 10.15pm LOL. because my colleagues want to hang out earlier and shop around

in the end we went slacking at coffee bean drinking our favourite southern blend ice tea.

our flight was around 6 hours via SQ, slept for awhile, ate breakfast on board.. reached smoothly to beijing airport !

we got a 3g sim card from the counter outside the baggage area, cost us RMB 150 which comes up to around sgd 30. and only 300mb data! :/

i finished that 300mb in 3 days. meh.


First stop the chan brother tour brought us to was tian an men square

weather during october is around 15ish degree. cooling and nice

Tian an men square is just… an area like padang. everybody just hang around there, standing chatting, sitting down eating. behind tian an men square is the forbidden city.

im excited for this! watched too much 步步惊心 haha

walking through the whole forbidden city will take around 2 hours. walk from the front entrance and exit to the back without looking back.

what the tour guide advised haha. superstitious?

lunch was at some MEH place. so i didnt take any pictures. sometimes i really dislike taking tour because the shopping places they brought us to and the eating places also… were all so mediocre.

after lunch they brought us to the bird nest stadium

the field area was out of bound, so people just stand around and chilling at the seating gallery

after the bird nest stadium, the tour guide brought us to xiu shui street, its actually a shopping mall meant to slaughter tourist haha. you dont see any locals shopping there. and prices are very very high, you must be prepared to haggled with them to get a reasonable rate.

me, joyce and jasper just went to chill at mcdonald to pass time. 2 hours was a struggle and finally its dinner !! and yea, dinner was MEH again so i wont talk about it hah


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