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Beijing. Ming Tombs. Great Wall

Read Day 1 here.

Day 2 of our Beijing trip was to head for Bao Fu Ling factory, Ming Tombs and lastly, Great Wall.

If you havent heard, apparently Bao Fu Ling is a very famous cream in China, and can only be found in Beijing i think.

It is a famous cream for treating burns, eczema, pimples, dry skin.. etc. It actually cost RM 300 per bottle and many colleagues actually bought them. And… i also bought 1!

Because my bro and sis have very bad eczema.. and they kept harping that its very good, i was sold la. Here’s a picture of the cream from google.

So, on the way to the Ming Tombs, the tour guide actually told us a creepy story.

He advised us not to take any pictures inside the tomb, because there was once he brought a tour there, a lady took a picture of the emperor chair, when she check back her digital camera, she can actually see the ghost of the emperor in it!

When she wanna take a second look, the ghost disappeared !

i was superstitious like that.. so i didnt take any pictures there also. haha

We are now en route to Great Wall already. The section that we were going to climb is Ju yong gong.

You can actually pay to get a cert here that shows that you have been to the Great Wall and conquered it!

haha !! love locks on the great wall!

look at the steps.. really hard to climb up i tell you..

and i finally went up after half a century!! yeah!


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