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Hong Kong. Lantau Island

We went lantau island on a sunday. took a train at tung chung. Had to take a bus via the bus terminal as the cable car was down 😦

Guess we made a wrong choice to go there on a weekend cos the bus fare is more expensive compared on a weekday. Since theres no difference to go on a weekday or weekend.

It was drizzling again! The whole week that we were there, the skies were forever cloudy.

On the bus! The bus has to wind up round and round the route to the top, so be prepared to bring some car sick pills! Or munch on sweets!

Reached!! Freezing cold that Smelly got Tiffi a raincoat for her and himself cos its drizzling too!

Free entry to Ngong Ping village 🙂

And look!! So foggy!!!

The air was very fresh thou, and mist/fog were floating around

On the way to Tian Tan Buddha !

Climbing climbing!

Yeah!! We reached!! Its a very beautiful sight to behold 🙂


Both of them are supper fast la!! Tiffi kept ”faster leh faster leh. why so slow”

So foggy again!! We totally cant see whose infront of us

And freezing cold up top! Guess whats the degree?

On the way down, we saw this touching sight of a old man leading his old lady down the stairs carefully. So sweet 🙂

Anyway, its 12 degrees!!!

Since we were already there, we went to pray at a temple nearby.

So grand yea? Many little details go into the designs

Stopped by for fresh tao huey before going back!

Silky smooth 豆花

She was copying the dog. (See picture below) There were many dogs roaming around but they are harmless!



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